What is bridging the future?

Bridging the Future is about expressing our faith through giving. But that's not all it's about (or even the most important aspect).

IT'S ABOUT understanding what faith is.

IT'S ABOUT getting involved in new ways.

IT'S ABOUT exploring God's promises.

IT'S ABOUT getting in sync with His priorities.

IT'S ABOUT expecting His provision before it is ever provided.

IT'S ABOUT setting aside those things that prevent you from beinga fully devoted follower of Christ.

What is the purpose of the campaign?

Our plan is to use the campaign funds to complete construction on our beautiful new Chapel and Foyer/Atrium debt-free. This will enable us to use those facilities to accommodate many functions in our growing congregation, and to better serve our church family, community and world.

How will we pay for this?

We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us a vision to reach the unchurched and dechurched of the greater NY/NJ area for Christ. We have faith that the Gateway family will rise to the challenge. With God's help and our sacrificial giving, we will reach our goals and be a bridge for future generations.

To continue to open up new doors for our ministry, we have set the following goals:

VERRAZANO - $3 Million

This will allow us to finish and furnish our new Chapel and Foyer/Atrium and landscaping.

OUTERBRIDGE - $2.5 Million

Finish our Chapel and Foyer/Atrium plus the elevator, backstage, storage, and partial audio/video.

GOETHALS - $2 Million

Finish Chapel and Foyer/Atrium construction.

How can I help?

First and foremost, please pray regularly for our Bridging The Future campaign and vision. Participate in the events and meetings. Give sacrificially. Our vision can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice. We have the privilege to be part of HIS kingdom.

Here are some creative suggestions to help you allocate or free up resources so you can be part of Bridging The Future:

Giving Appreciated Assets

Did you know that you can contribute assets directly to your church? 

You can avoid paying any capital gains tax and still receive a fair market value deduction based on current value.

Giving "Stuff"

Here is something we all can give. 

It might be a collectible item like stamps, coins, baseball cards, or jewelry; 

nonetheless, it could be a valued gift.

Giving By Sacrifice

How can you increase your giving for this capital campaign out of your income? 

It's a great place to start, but the problem is, for many of us there's already too much month at the end of our money. 

According to USA TODAY, the average family eats out five times a week. If 430 families contributed the price of one meal ($45) per week, the church could raise an additional $3 million over the next three years.

  • Arlene Feola

    When I finally walked through the doors at Gateway, I knew I was home.

    That was in 1977, 37 years ago.

  • Kevin Madden

    This touches all the community. We'll have more space for all of our community events. 

    We are excited to see what GOD can do, if we have faith.

  • Ruben Soto

    I love Gateway because the Bible is the foundation and the very fabric of our church. 

    Its expression through ministry is done with love for our community.

  • Teona Zakariashvilli (age 13)

    There are more people coming and as more come the space gets tighter, we have to make room. If we didn't have this church, we wouldn't be that close to God. We wouldn't be a stable family.

  • Gabriel Oliveira (age 9)

    People here are very caring. I enjoy the singing, and the Kids Band that I'm in. 

    I have lot of friends and I love being here.

From our pastors:

We believe, and we hope you do, that the ministries of Gateway are a blessing to both our church family and the many friends and visitors we touch each week. God has provided us with a unique opportunity through our Bridging The Future capital stewardship campaign. With the success of this campaign, we will be able to complete the construction of our new Chapel and Foyer/Atrium debt free.

As we focus on Bridging The Future, we can each reflect on God's blessings in our lives and families and all He has done for us, and for other through us. We can't help but feel gratitude and anticipation as we seek God's will about our financial commitment. These new facilities will open up opportunities to better serve our congregation, providing a beautiful place for weddings and receptions, fellowship gatherings, and multiple church services.

We are now challenged to give sacrificially, over and above our current giving, for the next three years. This process calls for passionate prayer, and obedience to God's leading. Now is the time to seize the opportunity, moving forward together to complete these buildings. Let's be bold, trusting in God's enabling grace as we make our financial commitments with His provision in mind.

Please examine this site carefully. What is committed is a personal decision between individuals and God, but why we accomplish together will benefit many others. We pray that God will give you wisdom as you move forward. Mostly, let's honor our King Jesus Christ, with our trust and obedience.

Building together for Jesus,

Pastor Tim & Dr. Mercaldo