what to expect on

sundays at 9 & 11:15am

1. Each Service is around 75 – 90 minutes.

2. A warm, uplifting atmosphere.

3. Friendly greeters and ushers who’ll help you find your way around.

4. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the visit with NO obligation to give.

5. Music and messages relevant to your daily life.

6. Your kids are safe and they will have fun. Our Tiny Town and KidzWorld teams are well-trained

caring volunteers who desire to help you guide your child to a life-long relationship with God.

7. Hang out after service for coffee and bagels!

Check out our blog or listen to our podcast to preview some of our past messages,

or check out our digital bulletin for more on what's happening at Gateway.

Small groups

Sunday mornings at Gateway are a great way to establish and deepen your relationship with God through large group experiences.

Small Groups take the Sunday morning experience into a smaller setting where people can grapple with real-life issues and discuss how our lives interweave with God and His Word. This involves a lot of fun, laughter, much talking & snacking, as well as prayer, Bible study, discussion, counsel and encouragement.

These groups also provide opportunities to care for one another’s practical needs such as meals for a family with a newborn, or networking to help an individual locate a job or new accommodation.

Call (718) 966-4500 ext 205 and ask Karyn for more information.


We like to define prayer as simply chatting with God.

We believe that God deeply desires to be involved in our daily lives. When we pause from our busyness and invite God to speak, He often surprises us by talking with us in specific ways... through impressions, thoughts or passages from the Bible that contain a surprising relevance. Why not give it a try?

Have a specific prayer request? Please email us at info@churchatthegateway.org and we will pray for you. You can also receive prayer from our prayer team at our Sunday services.